Virtual project engineering solutions that

help in Submittal Review & RFI Management Managing CM Platform Change Comparison Analysis Project Buyout Assist Generating Project Scopes Material Procurement Tracking Closeout Management

Why Hire HSM Edifice For
Virtual Project Engineering?

Project Engineering Services At HSM Edifice

From developing internal process with project engineers &project managers to co-ordinating with the trade partners, we do it all.

Generating Project Scopes

We assist the project operations team with generating a detailed project scope which would streamline and expedite the subcontractor onboarding with faster execution of contracts.

Managing CM Platform

We help manage the CM platform by ensuring that the data is effectively used for making informed decisions on the project.

Material Procurement Tracking

Right from requesting the lead times of the materials from the trade partners to the actual delivery of the material onsite, HSM tracks the material procurement process for the project team to make sure all the materials are delivered on time. We track all long lead items used on the project by developing a material procurement log which is kept updated throughout the lifecycle of the project. Moreover, we make sure that our schedule is aligned with the project’s schedule. Further, we also ensure that all the supplies are procured with respect to project’s programme, budget, and specification.

RFI Management

Our efficient & proven process makes sure that RFI are tracked and managed pro-actively.

Submittal Review Management

HSM manages the complete submittal process right from creating a submittal register, generating submittal packages, reviewing submittal/shop drawings, tracking approval status to submittal distribution. By linking the submittal register with the construction schedule, we make sure that all the products are approved well before the work commences. Our process of work includes active participation at every stage; this includes- Responsible Contractor, Manager, Reviewer, and Co-reviewers. Backed up with expertise that is great at generating flawless submittals, we analyze the status of all submittals and look into the progress of all the submittals that are put forward.

Closeout Management

We offer an inclusive project closeout process, which includes both onsite and admin-oriented tasks. Our closeout service offers well-organized documentation to shield you against potential risks like conflict on scope, warranties, expectations, etc. We help you verify, procure, and manage the closeout documents that are compliant with specifications. Our process makes sure that you hand over the project with assurance & confidence. Our closeout management finishes all the punch list tasks before we hand over the project, and saves you from the last-minute hassle and confusion.

Change Estimate Management

We receive, qualify, and generate the project estimates received from the subcontractors/vendors for project team approval.

Change comparison analysis

The change order is a huge concern, as it can have a detrimental impact on the project’s cost & overall growth of the project. We understand this concern from the project owner’s standpoint and therefore address this problem by using plan overlay. By using plan overlay, we compare the revised drawings for the project & create a detailed modification log to make sure all the design changes are captured.

Benefits Of Our
Virtual Project Engineering Services

Our Services provide a whole gamut of services to ensure effective

administration and management of your construction project


We strive to turnaround most of the documents that we receive are processed withing 48 hours.


We use standardised tools & processes to effectively manage & track project which have been successfully tested & implemented on several projects.

Focus on

We bring in our experienced team & infrastructure to support the project needs helping the project team to focus on construction and have improved client & trade partner relationship.

Effective Management

We provide complete project administration support enabling the project managers to now effectively manage the project goals and successfully achieve them.


We provide skilled and trained project Engineers on the project making sure the project team always have the help they need without ever facing a resource crunch


With HSM pulling their resources and combining with our clients team, we effectively boost the capacity of our clients to do more projects with their same core team.


We provide effective project engineering services by delivering quality and cost-efficient solutions
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