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Virtual Project Engineering For Contractors

HSM Edifice aligns your working style with the CM model, thereby making it run smooth

Submittal Review Management

Our team manages the complete submittal process right from creating a submittal register, generating submittal packages, reviewing submittal/shop drawings, tracking approval status to submittal distribution.


Backed up with expertise and our proven processes that are great at generating flawless submittals, we also track the status of all submittals and coordinate between the subcontractors as required to avoid communication gap’s on the project.

RFI Management

We accelerate the process of sharing and receiving the information amongst the contractor, sub-contractor, and design team.


The CM platform allows the contractor to initiate the information request and gain information on certain complex issues directly from the design team, thus leaving no iota of doubt related to the intent/design of the project.

Generating Project Scopes

We layout a smart roadmap for the contractors by helping them generate project-specific scope for each trade making sure that there are no scope gaps on the project.


Through our tools designed specifically to review project documents and generate detailed scope, our client can easily verify if everything is covered as per the contract leaving no gaps.

Managing CM Platform

We help contractors manage and update the construction documents on the CM platform. This way, we ensure that all the data is effectively used for making informed decisions on the project.


Right from uploading drawings & specifications, hyperlinking RFI’s or documents to plans, to adding and sharing the submittals with the trade partners, etc, we take full ownership of keeping our client’s CM platform up to date.

Change Comparison Analysis

We understand the gravity of reviewing the contract documents and comparing the revised drawings as per the revised scope to make sure all the changes are addressed.


Using overlays, scope review, and detailed take-off, our team makes sure that all the changes in the revisions are addressed and covered. We generate a specific report for each drawing change which identifies the specific changes to the contract and trade which may be affected by it.

Change Estimate Management

At HSM, we assist the project team with receipt, qualification, and approval of the change estimates from the trade partners or to the owner.


Using the Change comparison report as our tracking tool we receive and compare the change estimate from the subcontractor against the revised drawing to make sure it qualifies for the change. Post compiling all the change estimates from the subcontractors, we process the owner change order in the CM platform after the approval from our client’s project manager. This makes the process error-proof and efficient for the project team.

Material Procurement Tracking

We assist contractors in tracking the entire cycle of procurement and aligning the material delivery with the project schedule. Right from requesting the lead times of the materials from the trade partners to the actual delivery of the material, we ensure that we track the complete procurement process.

Closeout Management

Our closeout management provides immense help to the contractors while closing out the job.


We assist the team in gathering all the closeout documents for the project required per the specifications and compile them accordingly. Our process includes generating a closeout log, following up with subcontractors for the pending documents, and compiling/filling the documents per the contract requirement for final submission.

Benefits Of Our Virtual Project Engineering Services

Our Services provide a whole gamut of services to ensure effective

administration and management of your construction project


We strive to turnaround most of the documents that we receive are processed withing 48 hours.


We use standardised tools & processes to effectively manage & track project which have been successfully tested & implemented on several projects.

Focus on

We bring in our experienced team & infrastructure to support the project needs helping the project team to focus on construction and have improved client & trade partner relationship.

Effective Management

We provide complete project administration support enabling the project managers to now effectively manage the project goals and successfully achieve them.


We provide skilled and trained project Engineers on the project making sure the project team always have the help they need without ever facing a resource crunch


With HSM pulling their resources and combining with our clients team, we effectively boost the capacity of our clients to do more projects with their same core team.

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We track and manage all the essential documents related to costs, deadlines, deliverables, etc.

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