Virtual Assistance – A Construction Manager’s Outlook

A typical day in the life of a construction manager is bustling with enormous amount of work possibilities & probabilities. Their professional life can be permuted to conclude that no two days could be the same. To the adventurous, it may sound like a gripping arrangement for work, but every new day might bring a new set of complexities ready to jam the pace of a project as it has been for decades, but the major difference will be to keep one updated with new technology and construction techniques emerging every day.

A construction manager’s daily itinerary revolves around a mix of roles to focus on, simultaneously. The scope requires them to fulfill the prospect, to the client’s requirement with systematic plans involving skilled team. As cataloged as this sounds, the working scenario can be equally chaotic. The nature of their responsibilities varies every day. Their days are split between meetings, planning, working with documents/compliance s, and monitoring schedule on the job site. On a murky morning, they could be toiling on site liaising with the staff and tracking performance, on others they could be communicating with the clients in a conditioned office cubicle. Their work demands them to be going places, literally.

It wouldn’t be inapt to say that; a construction manager is multi-tasking at any given time. If it weren’t for technological advances in the industry, the expanse of projects & the documentation that follow would have been a baffling management task for the manager & his team. Having said that, it is crucial to understand that the human resources required to monitor these futuristic methods & tools are required to be as proficient. The accuracy of collating tons of the construction/enterprise data following a project is imperative. All this, while maintaining the pace. The pressing need of promptness in project delivery is what sets standards of quality work.

Fast forwarding to a day in 2020; the demands of clients and ever-growing use of smart technologies have changed the way construction managers operate, for the better.

If we were to think from a construction manager’s outlook, what would it be like to find a virtual point of multiplicity of resources? An arrangement that would help productivity without the liability of the accompanying overheads. In the life of a construction manager, the plethora of work complexities is proof of actuality of the Murphy’s law. Because achieving perfection is a tedious job & to live in its constant pressure is one of the major cons of the job. The uncertain nature of the work can take a toll on the efficacy of an organization overall.

Therefore, many businesses are adopting virtual assistance to their business model. As a growing business, you may want to multiply your existing resources to increase productivity without expending. The initial hesitance to arrange a virtual assistance service is obvious because the skepticism surrounding the benefits from the decision is inevitable. Of the many advantages, few can be elaborated to press on their need,

  • Access to high level skills

It allows you to gain access to talent and skills at the highest level for the management of your projects especially in this era of ever growing shortage of skilled professionals. Many times, growing businesses are unable to realize the full potential of the projects they are working on because of being ill equipped or lacking proper experience. Virtual assistance arrangement enables the hiring of experienced personnel. This ensures better results in the project.

  • Indifferent to hopping personnel

Professionals are always in the lookout of better work opportunities, which is why there is a constant interchange of working personnel. Each team member has some of their know-how invested into the project. The hopping of personnel thus leads to loss of information to some extent. Also, the cycle of training a new member on board a project can sometimes prove time-consuming for the work.

  • Better objectivity

The team assisting a business are not influenced by office politics, bureaucracy or traditions. They are therefore more likely to be transparent to their work. Coherence in the complete setup is the key to success. The virtual assistance setup gives a clear line of vision for the construction managers to focus on these public relation aspects of the job by easing the tedious data & resource management aspect of a project.

  • Cost-effectiveness

The model allows you to make use of the services only when you need them. You get to make use of the experience and expertise in the specific domain without having to increase the overheads at your business. The virtual assistance setup helps project/construction managers focus equally on both, the field work as well as the managerial profiles of their jobs. They are thus more secure towards achieving their multidisciplinary goals.

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