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How HSM helps
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Pre-Construction Services For Contractors

Our pre-construction solutions augment your work process in tenfolds             

Bid Document Management

Our solution keeps track of all the essential documents and manages for you ‘bid documents,’ ‘contact forms,’ ‘legal documents,’ ‘construction plans,’ ‘blueprints,’ ‘plan updates,’ ‘email bulletins’ etc. Our professional team streamlines the entire process right from creating bid tabs, to filing the bid documents to qualifying/submitting the final bid proposal.

Detailed Quantity Take-off

We employ solutions that are designated to take the load off your shoulders. Our quantity takeoffs help in determining actual costs by ensuring that the project turns profitable to the contractor. Further we also help the contractor manage the bids received from several subcontractors.

Project Scope Review

Our review helps in verifying the scope of the project represented by the inclusiveness of all documentation. The detailed review helps the contractor thoroughly review all the bid documents. The document gives a great chance to understand the design intent to create project scope sheets for each trade, making sure there are no scope gaps in the project.

Bid Analysis

We know the importance of bringing together your estimating operations with other trade processes to accomplish utmost productivity and optimizing the resources at your business.


We analyze every bid that is entered/received by the subcontractor to make sure all the scopes required are covered by the sub-contractor before you make a decision on choosing a contractor.

Constructability Analysis

We have a dedicated team that looks into all constructability reviews. Our intensive analysis helps in tackling common challenges like identifying issues, understanding the design gaps & omissions by using intertrade co-ordination and gap analysis.

Logistics Planning

For a seamless logistics plan, we have employed efficient working practices & look for opportunities that improve logistics efficiency. To save contractors’ time in tracking logistics, we aim at creating 3D site logistic plans or a walkthrough video.

LEED Planning

For LEED-conscious contractors, we receive and document all the LEED documentation required to comply with the LEED requirement for the job. We help create execution plans and field protocols required at each phase of operations on the field to comply with LEED requirements.

Benefits Of Our Pre-Construction Services

We stick to the workflow that is carefully planned with attention to detail. At each step of the flow, we make sure to maintain the synergy with the client’s end goal.


We strive to turnaround most of the documents that we receive are processed withing 48 hours.


With HSM pulling their resources and combining with our clients team, we effectively boost the capacity of our clients to do more projects with their same core team.


With HSM technology driven visualization approach, we ensure that our clients leave a lasting impression on the builder owner.


We use standardised tools & processes to effectively manage & track project which have been successfully tested & implemented on several projects.


With HSM technology driven visualization approach, we ensure that our clients leave a lasting impression on the builder owner.

More Construction Services For Contractors

We offer turnkey solutions for all sorts of pre-construction challenges as well as custom solutions for more particular needs.

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