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MEP Drafting Services At HSM Edifice

We ensure our MEP shop drawings render an accurate representation of design and assembly instructions.

Co-ordinated MEP
Shop Drawings

Co-Ordinated MEP Shop Drawings​

With years of experience in this belt- especially under ‘Building Information Modelling,’ our diligent team, over the years has gained immense knowledge in drafting solutions for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing facilities.


Our drafting and coordination process identifies and addresses all the constraints of the project, and likewise provide clash-free and accurately coordinated shop drawing. We also ensure that our shop drawings comply with contract drawings and project standards. With a major focus on ‘Zero Clash Approach’, we also look forward in improving our services in coordination, fabrication, optimization and installation.

Co-Ordinated MEP Shop Drawings​
HVAC Shop Drawings​

HVAC Shop Drawings

HVAC Shop Drawings​

We know the importance of effective and accurate MEP drawing; we also know the gravitas of these projects and the precision is it requires to execute them. Our team embeds the fabrication details and installation locations carefully in the MEP shop drawings- this process greatly reduces the errors and clashes.


Our team are replete with extensive knowledge and have gained expertise in delivering a project from its conception to completion. For generating accurate and effective results, we work with close coordination with the contractor and the stakeholders together.

Plumbing Shop

Plumbing Shop Drawings​

HSM offers shop drawings that are precise and detailed. All the drawings designed by plumbing modelers execute the entire model with a great level of accuracy. Equipped with vast experience and expansive knowledge, we help you deliver an all-inclusive model that works successfully on each stage of complexity & size.

To ease contractor’s and engineer’s work, we make shop drawings that generate accurate specifications. For precise results, we also diligently look for the faults before the commencement of fabrication and construction work.

Plumbing Shop Drawings​
Electrical Shop Drawings​

Electrical shop Drawings

Electrical Shop Drawings​

Our detailed electric shop drawing offers a comprehensive model that is suited best for fabrication and installation purposes. To streamline the process further, we also provide accurate dimensions of electrical equipment, locations of fixtures, and a detailed plan of the layout.


Our knowledgeable team armed with BIM software gives you a competitive edge, thereby giving you the benefit of troubleshooting errors (point-to-point wiring connections) before the actual site work begins. At every step of the electrical shop drawings, we ensure that the client is able to install all the electric components without any clashes.

Benefits Of Our MEP Drafting Services

BIM Model provides significant benefits in the design and construction process. Listed are the six most essential benefits that one can reap from the BIM Model.


HSM staffs a project with a team of trained & experienced professionals for better quality and results.


HSM process ensures that we co-ordinate all our services with other trades making it a smoother run for the field


With our proven collaboration methods, we ensure that our services are offered to our clients effectively resulting in increased efficiency.


We do a standard constructability study as a part of our standard process on all projects, which results in generating RFI’s upfront in the project.


HSM QA/QC process driven approach at every stage of the project helps our clients provide a better final product .


With our trained staff, utilize technology expertise as needed without the hassle of additional inhouse resource.

Leveraging amodel-based process that helps in designing & managing all the infrastructural needs.


We provide top-notch project engineering, pre-construction, and BIM services by delivering quality and cost-efficient solutions

General Contractor

Our solutions help in resolving complex design issues with innovative solutions.


Our solutions help in better planning, organization & execution of the project.

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