BIM For Sub-Contractors

How HSM helps
Sub-Contractors Using BIM?

BIM Services For Sub-Contractors At HSM Edifice

Our solutions enhance the way subcontractors work and collaborate.

BIM Modeling

We build solutions that foster the sub-contractor’s work in terms of accuracy and speed. By executing detailed and accurate results with BIM Modeling, subcontractors get to deliver excellent work without missing the deadline.

BIM Co-ordination


At HSM Edifice, we simplify our client’s work by offering BIM Architectural, HVAC, and Mechanical trade solutions. Our service brings a great level of coordination with the contractor and provides actionable insights that lift performance, thus reducing errors and conflicts.

BIM Visualization

Our visualization solution backed with 3D, 4D, and 5D construction simulations provides a deep understanding of the structural design and its detailing. The facade stills and virtual walk-through helps in improving the fabrication process.


MEP Drafting Solutions

The sub-contractors fetch multifold benefits by employing our MEP drafting solution. With the effective use of technology and know-how of the tools, HSM ensures that you leave a lasting impression on your clients and create a sound working relationship.

Benefits Of Our BIM Services

BIM Model provides significant benefits in the design and construction process. Listed are the six most essential benefits that one can reap from the BIM Model.

Professional Team

HSM staffs a project with a team of trained & experienced professionals for better quality and results


HSM process ensures that we co-ordinate all our services with other trades making it a smoother run for the field

Higher Efficiency

With our proven collaboration methods, we ensure that our services are offered to our clients effectively resulting in increased efficiency

Mitigate Risk

We do a standard constructability study as a part of our standard process on all projects, which results in generating RFI’s upfront in the project.

Build better

HSM QA/QC process driven approach at every stage of the project helps our clients provide a better final product

Resource Savings

With our trained staff, utilize technology expertise as needed without the hassle of additional inhouse resource

Leveraging amodel-based process that helps in designing & managing all the infrastructural needs.

More Construction Services For Sub-Contractors


Our approach works towards rendering your objectives by providing project-specific services

You construct

& let us help you do so