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Why BIM Modeling
At HSM Edifice?

BIM Modeling At HSM Edifice

Our solutions are employed to bring a significant change in the way designing, planning, construction operations are carried out.

Architectural Modeling

Architectural BIM Modeling

With our extensive experience and knowledge in this domain, our team of BIM technicians delivers quality outcomes within the given time bracket. Every model designed by us makes sure to comply with the requirement specified by the client.

Having worked on large-scale projects for more than a decade, our BIM technicians provide precise models that help in delivering successful construction projects for residential, commercial, and healthcare structures. Moreover, our meticulously designed BIM model can also be used for design validation.

Architectural BIM Modeling
MEP Modeling

MEP Modeling

MEP Modeling

HSM Edifice has completely adopted the new way of designing and documenting construction projects. Our high-end MEP Modeling based solution promises to deliver detailed coordination with respect to the design of the structure, thereby delivering with utmost accuracy before the deadline.


Our solutions for MEP offer assistance during scheduling, estimating, and analysing the risk. We further assist you by helping you offer the best MEP 3D modeling, coordination services, and shop drawings.

Point Cloud to BIM

Point Cloud To BIM

Our ‘point cloud to BIM’ solutions provide projects restoration and renovation for builders, contractors, sub-contractors, structural engineers, and MEP contractors. Our clash-free and virtual BIM models help improve the coordination of services and 2D to 3D conversion, and 3D modeling from point cloud data.


With our accurate drafting services and data management, the contractors get to construct intelligent engineering design models, whereas the stakeholders get to streamline their entire work process.

Point Cloud To BIM

Benefits Of Our BIM Modeling Services

BIM Model provides significant benefits in the design and construction process. Listed are the six most essential benefits that one can reap from the BIM Model.


HSM staffs a project with a team of trained & experienced professionals for better quality and results.


HSM process ensures that we co-ordinate all our services with other trades making it a smoother run for the field


With our proven collaboration methods, we ensure that our services are offered to our clients effectively resulting in increased efficiency.


We do a standard constructability study as a part of our standard process on all projects, which results in generating RFI’s upfront in the project.


HSM QA/QC process driven approach at every stage of the project helps our clients provide a better final product .


With our trained staff, utilize technology expertise as needed without the hassle of additional inhouse resource.

Leveraging amodel-based process that helps in designing & managing all the infrastructural needs.


We provide top-notch project engineering, pre-construction, and BIM services by delivering quality and cost-efficient solutions

General Contractor

Our solutions help in resolving complex design issues with innovative solutions.


Our solutions help in better planning, organization & execution of the project.

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